Providing a safe and hygienic learning environment for students and teachers

Carlton Cleaning are specialist contract cleaners in the education sector, where spotless comes as standard. We have plenty of experience looking after schools and colleges in the Plymouth and wider Devon area and we’ve worked for various Academy trusts across the region.

The majority of our clients in the education sector are long terms clients and there’s one, very important reason for that. We’re trusted.

Not only trusted to get the job done, properly, efficiently and exactly to the letter of the contract, but just as important, trusted as external people entering school premises.

With that in mind every one of Carlton Cleaning team that has anything to do with a school based job must be DBS’d. It doesn’t matter if that person is cleaning way before pupils arrive in school or even long after they’ve gone home, they all have to go through the relevant checks. I think we all would agree that the welfare of students is the most important issue here.

In addition to the checks that all of our Carlton Cleaning staff undergo, we also understand just how important safety is for the students that we clean for. Using the right products, in the right way with the correct equipment is paramount to avoiding potential accidents.

We’ve all heard nightmare stories of contract cleaners cutting corners, using the wrong products and becoming complicit in a nasty accident. It’s not even worth considering taking the risk and it’s why we don’t.

We never cut corners in anything we do, but this is one particular area where we have a zero tolerance. Anything other than the very best and safest cleaning materials is a potential accident waiting to happen and in a school environment that needs to be avoided at all cost.

Don’t forget, having an external cleaner like us at Carlton Cleaning means that we take on the responsibility of our staff, we take on the liability to the client and the commitment to the job that we do.

Whoever you appoint as your contract cleaner for your school or college, they should be willing to offer you a cast iron guarantee. At Carlton Cleaning our guarantee is simple … if the job’s not done properly, as briefed and as contracted then we’ll redo it for free.

So, if you are looking for a new contract cleaner for your school or college premises then pick up the phone and talk to us at Carlton Cleaning. We’re experienced, we know the job inside out and we’re good at what we do.

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