Read some of our frequently asked questions. If you cannot find what you are looking for please get in touch and one of our professional staff will be happy to assist.

Will we have consistent cleaners?2021-02-17T22:59:40+00:00

With most cleaning companies the staff can be transient, but with Carlton Cleaning we have a long-standing team of people that in some cases have been with us for many years. What that means is that we’re able to offer consistent cleaners where the ‘same faces’ turn up each time. We find that it helps build trust, you are after all bringing someone different into your business or home.

How quickly can you respond if there’s an issue?2021-02-17T22:59:10+00:00

We pride ourselves on being able to respond quickly. If you’re an existing client, it’s part of our guarantee that we’ll be out with you as quickly as possible.

Do you offer an emergency service?2021-02-17T22:58:46+00:00

In very simple terms, if you need us, we’ll be there. It doesn’t matter whether that’s last minute, in an emergency, during the day or during the night. If you need us, we’ll be there.

How long have you been in business?2021-02-17T22:58:08+00:00

The business was started in 1985 by Martin Dutson. Lewis took over the business in 2016 after his father passed away. There’s aren’t that many cleaning businesses in the South West who have been around for over 30 years but we’re one of them.

Do you vet your staff?2021-02-17T22:57:38+00:00

All of our staff are vetted and checked before they start working with us. Don’t forget we have a number of education establishments as clients so it’s natural that our staff would be fully checked before going out on a job. That’s the same for all clients not just the schools.

When choosing a contract cleaner, is it all about the money?2021-02-17T22:56:59+00:00

It’s not just about the money, it’s also about reputation, how long have they’ve been around and whether they will do a good job and we’re happy to say that we tick all three of those boxes.

Do you have any reviews?2021-02-17T22:56:29+00:00

You’ll find that there are plenty of reviews of our service online at the usual websites but again if you would like to see them, then we’d be more than happy to provide them for you, just to save you searching.

Do you have references?2021-02-17T22:56:03+00:00

We do have plenty of references for the work we’ve done over the years and if you would like to see a selection of them just ask, we would be more than happy to provide them for you.

Are you insured?2021-02-17T22:55:31+00:00

Yes, we are fully insured. We have public and employee liability insurance and we’re happy to provide you with proof of that. It covers you as a client if anything is lost, damaged or even stolen. If your cleaning company doesn’t have the correct insurance then you as a business are compromised and are at risk.

Is the work guaranteed?2021-02-17T22:54:57+00:00

At Carlton Cleaning we offer a cast iron guarantee. If the job’s not done properly, as briefed and as contracted then we’ll redo it for free and that’s a personal guarantee from our Managing Director.

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