What we do.

It’s not for us to say that Carlton Cleaning is the best contract cleaning company in the South West. It’s for others to say that and to be fair they do.

We on the other hand would prefer to talk about the fact that we’re a family run business with over 35 years of experience in Plymouth and the surrounding area. We’ve worked with some of the regions most established businesses, have cleaned iconic buildings in the area and now have a proven track record for doing things in the ‘right way’.

Our uncompromising approach.

We make no apology for our uncompromising approach to the jobs we undertake. As you’d expect for a cleaning company, our professionalism shines through at every stage and our development as a business means that we’re now capable of handling jobs of any size. Whether they’re big or small, Carlton Cleaning will make them spotless as standard.

If however, we were allowed to be slightly more self-promoting, then we’d simple say that at Carlton Cleaning we’re good … in fact we’re very good.

Our story so far.

Carlton Cleaning was started as a business in 1985 by Martin Dutson. This man and his team knew how to clean things properly and the business steadily grew up over the years to become one of the most respected and well-liked businesses in the area.

Sadly, Martin passed away in 2016 and the future of the business was placed in the hands of his son Lewis Dutson, who today is our Managing Director.

Lewis didn’t just inherit this business, more importantly he inherited his father’s work ethic, his level of professionalism and his desire to make it successful by guaranteeing work, looking after clients properly and taking care of staff above all else.

These days, Lewis may well be the Managing Director of Carlton Cleaning, but he remains completely hands on, he’s involved completely and is intrinsic to the development of the business.

His philosophy is simple … ‘never ask a member of the team to do something that you’re not prepared to do yourself’ and it’s why he’s as comfortable out on a job in overalls as he is meeting the accountant in a suit … in fact he prefers being out on a job if we’re honest.

Today, Carlton Cleaning is still one of the most respected businesses in Plymouth and the surrounding areas and that’s because Lewis has moved the business on, he’s taken it forward and he’s prepared for the next chapter. We believe that’s not only a fitting tribute to Martin, but it’s a lasting testament to Lewis.

There’s ‘clean’, then there’s ‘Carlton Cleaning clean’.

Martin Dutson – Founder 

Lewis Dutson – Managing Director 

Why work with us?

It’s a perfectly good question and one that we encourage everyone to ask whenever you’re choosing a contract cleaning company.

The short answer to ‘why us’ is because we’re good.

If, however you’d prefer the slightly longer answer then let’s start with the guarantee. Whatever work we undertake, we promise worry-free cleaning every day or your money back. That’s our guarantee to you. 

To achieve that we know that our standards have to be incredibly high, our employees completely reliable and our level of overall service second to none.

If we’re being honest, it is possible to find a cleaner that will do a cheaper job. But if our years of experience have taught us anything, then it’s taught us that ‘value’ is so much more important than ‘price’. 

Worry-free cleaning, every time.

Next time you speak to us at Carlton Cleaning ask us about the client that went for the cheaper company. Ask us what happened after they’d done a job, brought in staff that cut corners and used inferior products. Ask us what happened at the subsequent tribunal and ask us about the ultimate price that was paid by that client.

Right there is why ‘value’ is so much more important than ‘price’ and it’s the main reason why you should be talking to us at Carlton Cleaning.