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Let’s be honest, you probably don’t wake up in the morning and wonder what would happen if your office wasn’t cleaned. It’s not exactly your first priority as you lay there in bed.

But let’s put it another way. Would you worry if your staff weren’t operating in a safe environment, or that you couldn’t recruit anyone because the conditions were so awful? Just as bad, what if your office space itself had become a terrible ad for your business and clients decided not to use you as a result. All of these scenarios are real possibilities.

Suddenly office cleaning becomes more important. But the good news is you’re now thinking about us at Carlton Cleaning, the South West’s most reliable contract cleaner, where spotless comes as standard, and we’re here to help.

Let’s start at the beginning. Every employer has a duty of care to the people that they employ, which means that a safe, hygienic environment in which to work is an absolute must. These days more than ever, that clean working space is vital for the success of any team in every business.

But what is often overlooked is the fact that most offices have become representative of the business itself and a clean and tidy office is a huge positive, after all you probably spend a decent amount of money creating that space in the first place. When a client walks into your space, they expect a certain level of cleanliness and trust us, they notice when it’s not up to scratch.

They are of course plenty of employers out there that expect the staff themselves to do the cleaning, believing that somehow ‘they made the mess, so they should clear it up’. We hear that argument at least once a week, but the truth is, why pay someone to be professional in the workplace, then expect them to be a cleaner before they disappear off home.

You’re better off getting them to do what they do best, while getting us at Carlton Cleaning to do the rest.

Whoever you appoint as your contract cleaner, they should be willing to offer you a cast iron guarantee. At Carlton Cleaning our guarantee is simple … if the job’s not done properly, as briefed and as contracted then we’ll redo it for free.

So if you are looking for a new contract cleaner for your office premises then pick up the phone and talk to us at Carlton Cleaning. We’re experienced, we know the job inside out and we’re good at what we do.

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